Thursday, June 14, 2012

Multimedia students showcase the elements of beautiful design

Who’s coming out of Humber’s two-year Multimedia Design and Production Technician diploma program? A group of highly skilled, diverse and talented grads, up to date on industry trends and cutting-edge technology.

This year’s portfolio showcase at the INGDirect Café in downtown Toronto was a way for 30 graduating students to present their online portfolios to industry professionals, recruiters, family and Humber staff.

“When industry is saying we’re producing a high quantity of well-rounded grads, that’s pretty exciting," says Linda Nakanishi, professor, School of Media Studies and Information Technology. “I think the draw for interactive is that it’s always changing and Humber is really good at adapting the program. Every year things change, expectations change, technology changes, trends change in design, and we have to revamp and keep things current at Humber.”

The theme for this year’s show was ‘Elements’ and the graduates worked on the marketing, branding, web and print promotion, with the students having a say in every step of the process.

In addition to showcasing the student’s work, the show was also a one on one networking opportunity with industry representatives and recruiters, allowing students to fine-tune their communication skills.

JeJun Lee, a graduating student was encouraged by his professors to enter his design into the FITC (Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity.) Awards competition, which honours the best of the best in the new media industry. Lee did so and won a Best Canadian Student website award. He was also hired full-time, prior to finishing his school internship.

Graduates of the program often go on to become Web Designers, Front End Developers, Video and Web Editors, Digital Marketers, Project Managers, Community Managers and more.

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