Monday, April 15, 2013

Counting Down the Final Days



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With just two weeks left for the end of the semester every second of my life is chained to an endless string of tasks to complete. * I need sleepLots of it...

On any given day I wake up and scamper from classes to work or to my internship.Meanwhile my finals and assignments loom menacingly around the corner like the "Boogie Man".

There's something about the end of a school year which sees you puttering to the finish line with almost deflated enthusiasm. It's like an anti-climatic plunge after you've reached your intellectual peak. I've always found this strange since, logically, this should be the time when you're most excited to get the job done and move on.

While in my Marketing class last Tuesday this became most evident. By mid lecture, many of my classmates had already given into an hour's battle with sleep while I contemplated wedging my pens like tent posts under my own collapsing eyelids.

Desperate times call for desperate measures...

I've found that a good pick-me-up for the end-of-year blues is to break the monotony. A quick five minute stretch or my self-taught Salsa always seem to do the trick (o.k, the Salsa bit never leaves this blog).

And for those who'd rather be entertained (than to entertain themselves)-there's never a dull day on campus. Just last week I was drawn to the pulsating rhythms and Bollywood style festivities of Indian revelers in the college's Student Centre.

In that brief moment, and without recognizing it, I'd lost myself in the euphoria; forgetting all deadlines. I'd finally stopped counting down the days and learnt to relish the moment.


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