Friday, June 14, 2013

The Best English Class Ever

Fortunately, I got a chance to give a graduation
speech representing my EAP class!
By Chloe Jang, Humber Studen

Before taking the EAP program at Humber, I was supposed to attend another college in Toronto.

However, after studying English for two months I decided to apply to a full-time course at Humber because the experience during EAP moved me by its amazing faculty and curriculum, and I wished to realize my dream with Humber.
Above all when I talk about my EAP course, I can say nothing if not for my excellent, enthusiastic teachers. Throughout the 8 weeks, all of my three teachers prepared for every class carefully and according to syllabus so they always began their class on time, without delay. They seemed to try to use up-to-date materials such as Ted talks, YouTube videos, and latest articles to grab attention of students. In addition, we sometimes had to walk or run in and out of the classroom actively to solve a quiz, which helped all of the students without exception to acquire a great knowledge of English. When it cameto homework assignments, our teachers set tasks not to just mark our English, but to improve our abilities by providing continuous feedback for each assignment.

Thanks to the considerate teachers who gave me great advice and compliments, I was able to do my best and develop my academic English skills rapidly.

One fine day at Humber Lakeshore campus.
If someone from another country like me is going to take the regular course at Humber, I certainly recommend taking the EAP program first so that they can learn how to find proper materials for their essays or proposals, to avoid plagiarism, and even to learn how to manage group work among international students. Even though I graduated university in South Korea, I felt this was new because these courses were far different from what I did back home. It's great that I didn’t miss learning these skills in EAP before entering the HR program at Humber. It seems that Humber makes EAP curriculums to teach international students to acquire proper study hbits by using these skills directly while learning English.

Last but not least, Humber provides international students a number of activities such as Toronto sightseeing, trips to Niagara Falls, camping, and many more. I believe by joining such exciting trips, we can meet and make a lot of friends beyond the campus and get opportunities to use English in real life and getting to visit famous tourist attractions with reasonable prices. There were 15 students in my class but I have more than 40 friends since I participated in the Humber Leadership Camp (oneday I will explain my experience at the camp), and of course I am planning to join many activities as long as I am a Humberian.
After I graduated EAP, I am trying to practice and keep up my English in my own ways, one of which is doing volunteer work in public places. For my next story, I will introduce you how to find volunteer work and apply for it. Bye for now.
By Chloe Jang

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