Friday, July 12, 2013

The Playground for Animals, The Toronto Zoo!

By Chloe Jang, Humber Student

Have you ever been to the Toronto Zoo? I believe if you live in Toronto, the Toronto Zoo is one of the famous places where you have to visit at least once. Because the Toronto Zoo is the biggest zoo in Canada, it has huge natural habitats for over 5,000 animals, including more than 460 different species. It is also ranked 5th in the world. How colossal it is!
Since the date when I visited the was Family Day in Canada there were a number of people coming with their families and friends. It was quite crowded but I could secure a clear view thanks to the spacious fields, which I really loved because they provided the animals natural environments that looked like a playground for them. Compared to the animals which live in the South Korean zoo, the animals looked much more comfortable and wilder.
There were so many lovely animals such as sleeping polar bears, giraffes playing with a bird, sunbathing lions, and hopping monkeys, which made me excited and happy. When I walked along the path of the zoo, I could feel as if I was in the forest, because in the zoo there are a lot of flowers and trees as well. Although the walk was long, I was not tired and even felt refreshed.
The zoo has a swimming pool for children and beautiful spots for a picnic so you can spend a pleasant and meaningful day. If you go with your family or friends bring delicious finger foods.
It is even easy to get to the zoo. You can go by bus or you can get a chance to visit the zoo when the International Centre at Humber has the trip as an event.
I strongly recommend you visiting the Toronto Zoo, especially if you are sick and tired of your daily life. All the happy animals at the zoo are waiting for you to share their energies and composure with you. J

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