Thursday, August 8, 2013

My First Vacation in Canada Part 1: Ottawa, Ontario

By Chloe Jang, Humber Student

One of the plans I made when I decided to study in Canada was that I experience the whole Canadian continent by myself. So I made up my mind to visit Ottawa and Montreal as the first small step of my plan during this summer vacation. Today, I am posting about my trip to Ottawa, the capital of Canada, a blend of past and present.
From Toronto to Ottawa it took more than four and a half hours by car, which is almost the same time it takes to drive by car from the Northern part to the Southern part of my country, South Korea. Unbelievably, this drive is only a small part of the Canadian map. How huge and massive Canada is!

The first impression of Ottawa was that it is neat and clean. The city seemed well-organized, so it is no wonder that Ottawa is a metropolis of Canada. I fell in love with Ottawa soon after I got there because I felt as if I was in a European country like Germany. Of course Toronto is also an interesting city, but compared to Ottawa, it is highly industrialized and jam-packed with buildings.

I saw the beautiful Ottawa River which flows through the centre of the city with a number of trees enclosing a whole town. I visited the Parliament of Canada and an attractive traditional market in downtown, and ate a lot of Beaver Tails there.

Well, if I give you tips for travelling to Ottawa, I want to recommend that you apply for a free English (or French) guide tour at the ticket booth of the Parliament of Canada, bringing a mat and/or a Frisbee to play with at the spacious park, and last but not least, eating a Beaver Tail there! It was awesome!

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