Monday, September 16, 2013

Behind the Faces at the Humber International Centre

A bit of anxiety and loads of excitement await you as you set foot into Humber College.

Here, you will meet new people, experience different cultures, walk new roads and feel a fresh wave of excitement.

Humber College boasts of a strong international community that thrives on student and staff diversity, coupled with local Canadian flavor. Its staff and teachers strive to build an interactive student community and ease your transition into the new academic life.

You may have Google-d your classmates, your teachers and everything else about the College. You may have by now already seen a lot of new faces. While it is difficult to keep track of all the new names and faces at College, those that you cannot get over are that of the International Centre staff! Remember the ones you interacted with prior to securing admission to Humber College? The Interactional Centre! Don’t you want to see the real faces behind those voices?

Let’s read a bit about them, right from their mouth!
You have interacted with the International Centre staff either through web or on phone. These guys have handled your admission process and have had you in mind, at least during their office hours. It is but natural both for you and the staff member to have attached a certain face to each other’s names, based on the interactions. A pleasant face who wrote you a congratulatory email; or a grumpy one that constantly reminded you of your missing documents?

Whosesoever face that may be; there is someone, from some part of the world, who is gorging on some exotic lunch and thinking in their mother-tongue, that is writing to you from out there… here, the International Centre.

What makes the International Centre international?

Is it the different countries represented in here?

Is it the different languages spoken here?

Is it the delightful exotic snacks served at the back office?

It’s a bit of these and a lot more. It’s the coming together of different people, cultures, reasoning and regional perspectives on one table… actually, many tables. It’s their ability to understand, address and take care of international student community, and the motivation to handle individual concerns, needs, doubts and inhibitions.

Here’s an exclusive peek at our International Centre staff that will be with you through your academic journey!

So, let’s see them all, one by one!

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