Friday, September 13, 2013

Final Days in the Canary Islands--> Scotland Bound!

By: Angela Bellini, Humber's Study Abroad Student

It’s approaching 3 weeks since I have left Canada and started my travels abroad. My time in the Canary Islands will soon come to an end (5 days left! L) and I will continue on my journey to Aberdeen, Scotland. I am starting to feel mixed emotions about my next step in my travels. I’m sad to say goodbye once again to the Canary Islands, to all my friends and family. But I am so excited to be reunited with my friends Shelby and Brittany in our new home in Aberdeen for the next 4 months.  It's exciting to know that the future is unknown and we have the ability to make these next 4 months whatever we want them to be, full of lots of new culture, experiences, travel and of course new studies!

I have had the most perfect time here in Spain; It’s been different for me because as much as it seemed like a vacation, I also felt quite at home since I have experienced living here before. I was still able to experience all the touristy sites of the Island and was quickly reminded really how beautiful it is. It really is pretty spectacular how the landscape can change from the south to the north, east and west. I love the south of the island for the beaches; they are filled with never ending white warm sand and clear blue water. I like the north for its breath taking mountains and volcanic land. It’s hard to say which is my favorite.  The photos posted are a picture of me in the sand dumes at a beach in the south called Maspalomas and the other photo is from a day trip to the north of the Island called Galdar/Agaete, a fisherman’s village.

Galdar/Agaete, a fisherman’s village
These past few days I have really been trying to enjoy all the decadent food that is just not the same in Canada.  Fresh hand made ice cream, and award winning cheeses made right here in the Canary Islands, Spanish red wine (I am shocked every time I go to the super market to see the cheap cheap prices for great wines), fresh fruit, and believe it or not… lots of sushi! That is one thing I have learned throughout my travelling experiences so far, don’t worry… if you ever want a taste of home, you will always be able to find sushi!

If you have the time when travelling in Europe I encourage you to take some time to travel to the Canary Islands. It's very fascinating to see how different it is to the main lands of Spain, the way of life is quite relaxed and enjoyable and it's definitely a way of life I think I could get use to! I’ll end for now; I look forward to writing about my first few days in my new city of Aberdeen.

Goodbye to and from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria,


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