Friday, September 6, 2013

Hello from the Canary Islands!

By: Angela Bellini, Humber's Study Abroad Student
I figured I would write a quick post to share a little about my adventures thus far. I have been in the Canary Islands for over a week now and I am having a fantastic time, always keeping busy. Everyday has been amazing. I've seen a bunch of friends that I met here on my previous stay which has been so lovely. I am trying new foods, and eating lots of food haha! I’ve also been able to enjoy the beautiful beaches here, and the amazing weather!

The photo posted is from my exploration today. I drove up the mountains and looked over the city of Las Palmas, so beautiful! I love all the colours of the buildings and how you are always so close to the ocean.

Keeping it short today but stay tuned for future posts and pictures!
Thanks for reading,
Angela Bellini

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