Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My postgraduate program is just starting to set in!

By Chloe Jang, Humber Student

I began taking the Human Resources Management course at Lakeshore campus after waiting for 4 months. During the 4 months, I had such a blissful time by traveling, participating in a Leadership camp at Humber, doing volunteer work and so on, however, I always looked forward to joining a Canadian real academic course since I came to Canada. The day before the first day of class, I couldn’t even sleep very well because I was so excited and yet worried.
The Business School orientation took place on September 3rd; there were a large number of peers in the auditorium with hopeful smiles. After a kicking performance by Humber students majoring in Music, orientation started. It included valuable information about Humber from academic information to personal help. I strongly recommend that Humber newbies do not miss their academic orientation..
In my class there are almost 50 classmates and 7 faculty members who are responsible for this program. All of them are so kind and passionate, which makes me feel motivated. The lectures are quite fast compared to classes in the EAP program, but thanks to EAP I’m able to keep up with them so far. Well, sometimes I have a difficulty when I talk with my classmates even in general conversation, because almost them are natives, but I believe my English is getting way better as time goes by.
It’s just a new beginning. I hope I make go of my studies and go forward to a better future having the same present positive perspective. Break your leg, guys. Good luck with you. J

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