Monday, October 7, 2013

Sunday funday 20 day reflection

By: Brittany Mohns, Humber's Study Abroad Student

Today is the 20th day here in Aberdeen, and so far it has just felt like a vacation. I only started school on September 30th and it’s off to a slow start. Many schedule complications and one awkward mix up with the first class of the semester…. Sitting in a law class and not my fashion business course. Oops.
 As you can see in the back ground local kids are getting stoked, the weather was nice, but not "swim in the ice cold sea" nice. 

According to many locals the weather we have been experiencing here so far is very rare, and that we should take advantage. So us three Canadian girls have brought the sun to Aberdeen and take advantage we did.

We spent a day down by the sea taking pictures, eating fish and chips, and stumbled across a cute carnival for a casual Ferris wheel ride, one of the best days here so far.
By: Brittany

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