Thursday, October 10, 2013

Three Weeks In

By: Shelby Guertin, Humber's Study Abroad Student

Me and my crazy hair watching the sunset out our kitchen window,
because when we're not sleeping or doing touristy things,
we're looking at/taking pictures of the sun.
SURPRISE. We’ve been here for three weeks and I’m the only one who hasn’t managed to get a blog post done. Just kidding. Not surprised. We’ve just been having too many magical days in the sun; and maybe a few rainy days hiding in my room! Needless to say it’s been a big jumble of emotions! We’re finally settling into school and feeling less confused by everything. We figured out how to print things at school today so 10 points to Gryffindor! (Non HP fans please ignore all further posts from me). I’ll admit I had my doubts about RGU, and at times felt like I was never going to like it the way I love Humber. As my friend Brandon from home so eloquently put it, I’m feeling a little “Humb” sick.
Me in my obviously intentional "hiking attire"

Besides the ups and downs of being a total newbie in this country, we’ve been managing to enjoy ourselves! (Another surprising yet totally not surprising fact)

Felt like the golden trio carrying the horcrux from campsite to campsite
(again if Harry Potter references are not for you, you are not for me.)
Brittany posted a few photos from our amazing day at the beach/amusement park, and yesterday, we took a little bus ride (of the double decker variety of course) to Stonehaven. This little harbour town not far from Aberdeen is the home of a lovely old castle, some epic coastlines, and one heck of a hiking hill. We almost made it to the castle but had to leave early due to the fear of missing our bus back to Aberdeen; because really who wants to be stuck in Stonehaven overnight? Needless to say we had an amazing time and took some wonderful photos.
Brittany making her way to the birthplace
of Hercules/death place of Aslan

Today we really put our planning/mommy caps on and booked ourselves some trips! We’re going to London/Paris for nearly 2 weeks in November, and Rome for 4 days at the beginning of December. We’re quite possibly TOO excited about it. Seriously though, we’ve already made Facebook groups for the trips that I very quickly named with old Mary-Kate and Ashley movie titles. So that should explain a few things about the three of us. One of the most exciting things about these trips is that we will be going with our new friend Morgan! She’s also here for an exchange semester from Texas, and has fit in quite nicely with our ridiculous pre-existing trio (cue ironic use of “yolo” y’all).
One of the nicest places we'll ever see in real life!

We haven’t even been here a month and I can already hear myself using UK lingo when I get home, as we now queue to get into bars, live in a flat and…ok that’s honestly all I’ve caught myself saying so far but stay tuned. I’ll do my best to be a little more consistent with the posts though! But before I go, let me please mention that I won chocolate in our financial merchandising class today, so I really shouldn’t have anything to complain about (besides the lack of real bacon in this world but don’t even get me started on that!)
Until next time!!
Shelby xo"

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