Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My First Winter Break in Canada!!!

By Chloe Jang, Humber Student

Hello, my buddies, long time no see. I miss you guys so much!!
How have you been doing? Hope you had a valuable and enjoyable holiday!!
If anyone who is starting their first semester from this January reads this post, I want to say to welcome to Humber and nice to meet you! J
Although it was a little bit short, I was really happy and joyful during Winter break. Well actually, I was exhausted at the end of lastsemester because it was my first experience studying in a full-time program in Canada. So I needed rest! But, moreover, I had been continuously waiting for this break since winter began because everyone recommended that I learn winter activities during the holiday break. I was looking forward to doing that so much!
One activity that I want to do here is skiing, but I will learn it on January 17 with my friends as part of a Humber International Centre Winter event. So instead of skiing, I decided to ride a sledge nearby my house. There are several beautiful places to ride a sledge in Toronto, but I think the best place for it is a public park in your community. The park I always visited was Centennial Park which has various routes for both sledging and skiing. You can enjoy them for free or at a very cheap price to borrow equipment and use the lift.

 spent only 3 bucks to ride a sledge for three hours!!!  Everytime that I go there, I always go sledging for at least three hours-hahahahahaha!!! It is lots of FUN!!
Do you think winter activities are expensive? If you so, just bring a board and go to Centennial Park!
Maybe you will realize you were wrong, and it is way more amusing than you expected! And, you're having a great Canadian experience!!

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