Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gangham Style Gyeranbbang on my Mind

Gyeranbbang. Do you know what on earth that is?

After some research we found that it is something very delicious, mouth-watering and exotic from Asia. A popular street food from South Korea, Gyeranbbang is basically an egg bread, or egg on bread or bread on egg. Oh well, you can decide!
Gyeranbbang: GyeRan is Egg and Bbang is Bread (courtesy: Aeris Kitchen).

Tightly secure inside a sweet succulent muffin, the egg peeps through a fresh and hot slice. The peculiar thing about Gyeranbbang is that a savory egg is held in between layers of batter that bake together into a very soft, steaming muffin.

Why are we talking about Gyeranbbang anyway? We are very envious of our team member, Linda Chao, who got to experience this wonder muffin on a recent recruitment trip to the Gangham District in South Korea and left much for us to imagine.

One of my favourite street foods in South Korea was Gyeranbbang. The egg was cooked perfectly, not too hard, not too soft, it was just right. I found this at nighttime but it would be great for breakfast too with a cup of coffee! Why don't we have this in Toronto?”

If you can show us the way to a yummilicious Gyeranbbang in Toronto, please connect with us - we promise to share! Finding Gyeranbbang
If you are confident of your Gyeranbbang-making skills, that’s good. If not, we recommend that you first check the recipe before you do so.

About Linda
Linda Chao is Manager, International Recruitment & Market Development for East & South East Asia. She frequently travels to meet prospective students and promote Humber internationally.

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