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Humber Goes Global: May 2014 Study @ Sea Baltic Adventure

Collaboration is a core tenet of Humber’s approach to education. It is also a key means to fostering a global education for students. To that end, Humber is growing its international presence through innovative partnerships that allow students to benefit from international transfer agreements and study abroad opportunities. While allowing faculty and staff can to take part in global research along with the design and delivery of academic programs and projects. Humber currently has articulation agreements with post-secondary institutions in Australia, China, Korea, France, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, which offer Humber diploma students the opportunity to transfer credits to their degree programs.

Similarly, the Study @ Sea course offers the students in any program in the School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism, and to students in select programs in the School of Media Studies and Information Technology an opportunity to explore and study cultures around the world. It is offered In partnership with the Institute for Shipboard Education.

Photo Credit: Brian Bannon
Students learn about the history, politics, culture and environment of the countries being visited through lectures and interactive workshops delivered by faculty on board the ship, and through service learning / community outreach projects at destination ports.

Brian Bannon, Humber Student at Paris, Italy
In May 2014, the students got an opportunity to go to seven countries to put their theories to test. They went to Hamburg and Rostock (Germany), Gdansk (Poland), Klaipeda (Lithuania), Tallinn (Estonia), St. Petersburg (Russia), Helsinki (Finland), and Stockholm (Sweden).

Read their testimonials to gain a deeper insight of their newly learnt experiences:

“It is so exciting to get to the places you’ve only read about. We are tourism students, and a very important part of our studies is to actually learn where the major attractions are located. A couple of months ago in class we learnt that The Giant’s Causeway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located near Belfast, Northern Ireland, and here we are, climbing to the top of the steep basalt columns for better view.”
                   -Olga Menshikh, Tourism Management student, Humber College

“I think this trip changed my mentality on travelling in general. I loved the fact that I was able to use what I had learned at the pre-ports in each destination. Study @ Sea was a great way to experience each port and I will definitely return to some of them. I enjoyed having the opportunity on the ship to go to lectures or workshops that I was interested in. The destinations were great but the environment and the people aboard the ship made the overall experience amazing.”
                 -Caterina Cacciacarro, Tourism Management student, Humber College

What I learned from participating in the program is that as cliché as it might sound the World is a Classroom and it's up to us how we choose to learn from it. I look forward to taking my newfound respect for travelling with a purpose and applying it to my future endeavors.
                 -Jessika Mohan, Tourism Management student, Humber College

Study @ Sea allowed me to learn a lot about myself and understand the things that I can handle and can’t handle. The value of a dollar doesn’t really matter anymore when you’re out traveling the world because nothing makes you richer then travel. The people that I met, the memories I have made, the adventures I went on really made this one of the best journeys I’ve ever gone on.

                 -Daniel Bar, Tourism Management student, Humber College

Travel, see the world, learn, grow, have fun and help local people at the destinations are all components that make Study @ Sea unique. The program provided me the opportunity for impactful cross-cultural experiences in 7 countries. The lectures on the ship prepared me with the knowledge, history and culture of each country to appreciate how incredible they are.

                 -Mai Luu, Tourism Management student, Humber College

The SOS Children’s Village gave us a view of St. Petersburg that opened our eyes to what is behind the beautiful buildings of the city. It is one thing to go around and see the main attractions such as the Hermitage and various palaces, but you have not really experienced a city until you go behind the mask of the beautiful areas and see what life is really like for some of the less fortunate.

                  -Sheena Morris, Tourism Management student, Humber College

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