Friday, June 27, 2014

#Humber2Algonquin Contest: Student Submissions

Have you heard about our contest? We extended the deadline until July 7!

To enter, you can submit a 15 second video, creative photo, poster, or 200 word essay. Here’s a sample of some of the essay submissions that we received!

Student Submission #1
Travelling, in my life, is indispensable, like fish need water, trees need soil and bees need flowers. I have couchsurfed for one year, watched all seasons of The Amazing Race and been waiting for a real camping experience to Algonquin Park.

Life in Toronto is busy. Skyscrapers, crowded downtown and fast paced life sometimes make me tired; that’s why I need to go outdoors, enjoy the fresh air and exercise. Let’s imagine, I can canoe through 2,000 km routes, hike 35 km through the highlands, paddle across their eight lakes, just to name a few. Those activities would help improve my stamina and burn calories. Who doesn’t want to be healthier?

Camping in a forest, unlike guided tours, I have to face different issues; from getting lost, erecting the tent to catching a cold and avoiding unwelcomed insects. Thanks to the difficulties, I will gain many new survival skills that will definitely help me in my everyday life, like carrying the TTC subway map anywhere! It calms me down when coping with unexpected life barriers, and enhances the teamwork skills as well, which can be very useful in any jobs.

Last but not least, camping experience will also bring me new friends. What would be more interesting than sitting beside the campfire to take a sip of maple syrup, to share stories, exchange knowledge, hold each other’s hands and dance!

I want to say Thank-You to the International Centre for organizing such an amazing trip. I will definitely sign-up for it! 

Student Submission #2
So, long story short, I’m thrilled and stoked about this event so when I heard about the contest which would save me 225 bucks (yes it’s hard to manage finances if you’re a student) and enable myself to earn a ticket for me to a trip for which I’ve been waiting ever so long.
Camping has always been in my bucket list, so I would want to say a big PLEASE to the Humber community for allowing me to have this enriching and momentous trip with the new friends I make on my way, by giving me the free ticket!

Camping can take on many definitions. Camping to one person can mean seclusion in the middle of a forest, another individual might think camping as a motor home with all the amenities of their house; like in an RV. For me, I want go gaze the stars far away from the air and light pollution of a city; in the woods, along with some awesome company. When I heard my college is organizing a camping trip in Canada’s oldest provincial park, I wasn’t surprised because believe it or not, my PMPG batch-mates and I were thinking about organizing a trip in Algonquin Park.

Student Submission #3
My life always remain simple and under the pressure of studies. Last month, for the first time, I went on a trip with my college friends to a hill station and I enjoyed it a lot. Then, I realised the importance of trips in a student’s life. So, I also want to gain an experience of camping in my life.

Moreover, this is for the first time I am going to study in an international college. So, I want to make new friends with whom I could complete my studies in happy and pleasant environment because ‘a person can study even the most difficult subject easily if he/she has good friends in school/college, but a person who feels lonely and sad in his/her school/college will never get good marks in even a simple subject’.
In the end I want to tell you that I could adjust to live in any type of environment and I want to overcome my intrinsic behaviour. So, it will be a great opportunity for me and I don’t want to miss it. It will be the best start of my academic life in your college.

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