Monday, October 27, 2014

“When We Meet, We Change the World”: 2014 World Education Congress in Minneapolis, USA

Jenny (Jiyun) is an international student from South Korea. She recently started her second year in Tourism and Hospitality Management - Event Planning. She has also worked as an international student ambassador for the Humber International Centre since August 2014.

As part of my program in Tourism and Hospitality Management - Event Planning, I recently had the opportunity to go the World Education Congress in Minneapolis, USA, as a future leader of Meeting Professionals International (MPI). MPI is the meeting and event industry’s largest global community and helps members to network, experience unique events, and learn from each other. I was lucky to receive a Future Leader Forum Scholarship from the MPI Toronto Chapter and attend the World Education Congress in Minneapolis.

I had joined MPI with some of my classmates last year. MPI gave me numerous opportunities to network with event professionals and learn from guest speakers. At the WEC2014 conference (August 1-5, 2014), I met 25 leaders from different cities in USA. It was incredible experience to meet people who share common goals and a passion towards hospitality and events industries.

One of the highlights was when Miguel Naves, a senior online community manager at IMEX, engaged everyone by playing human bingo outside of the conference to help us get to know each other. Throughout the conference, I learned about the power of networking, generosity, and knowledge. I listened to each guest speaker’s talk with attention and observed as much information as I could from their presentations and discussions.

The most memorable speaker was Dale Partridge. He talked about the value of human beings over profit. In order to increase profits, corporate companies must understand the needs of clients. In fact, people matter, and truth wins when it comes to doing business or collaborating with stakeholders. Integrity and attitude are critical to success and more happiness in life. I was inspired by the words he said and realized the significance of generosity and authenticity.

MPI’s WEC2014 tagline was, “When we meet, we change the world.” This is a powerful phrase that reminds me of the importance of events and the impact events have on people. Events are important for people who want to learn and to connect with other event professionals.WEC2014 was a great experience for me to gain knowledge and latest trends in the hospitality and events industries. 

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