Monday, November 24, 2014

Humber Goes Global: Mikki in Panama

Mikki Javier graduated in June 2014 from Humber’s Tourism Management – Travel Industry Services program. In Fall 2013 (Mikki’s 3rd semester), she went to Panama to complete the requirements of her Trip Planning and Travel Experience course, where she worked together with her classmates on the conception, development, design and execution of a group trip to Panama.

What motivated you to go abroad?
I'm an extremely curious and adventurous person. Going abroad can fulfill my curiosity while allowing me to have the time of my life.

What were some of the highlights?
Parasailing over Panama was definitely something that neither words nor pictures can describe. It was just purely amazing.

How has going abroad helped you grow as a person? How do you think going abroad has/will help shape your future career?
Going abroad has definitely helped me grow as a person. The experience taught me not to be shy, to take advantage of my time away, and just have a good time. Going abroad has helped my confidence, and that is key in any career.

What advice do you have for students thinking about going abroad?
Have the time of your life! Live while you're young. Make friends and memories. Make every trip be the trip of your lifetime.

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