Monday, December 1, 2014

“Goodbye nerves, hello new experiences!”

This article originally appeared on i-StudentGlobal on 14th October 2014.

Jenny has travelled from her home in South Korea to study Tourism and Hospitality Management - Event Planning at Humber Institution of Technology & Advanced Learning in Canada.

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As soon as September started, I was excited but also a little nervous about going back. It's my second year at Humber College in the Tourism Hospitality Management and Event Planning program, and this year I was determined to work harder, meet new friends and help other international students at Humber.

meeting new friends
"... meet new friends..."

During the first week of school, I encountered many international students who got lost trying to find their classes and registering for their new program. Some international students described Humber College as a “maze” – one that they needed to find their way through to get to their final destination.

Without a doubt, I understand that international students can feel overwhelmed by a new environment, different cultures and school system. When I first came to Humber, I didn’t know how to get involved at school and make new friends. I was shy and frustrated when I had to change classes for my program. However, I pushed myself to interact with other international students and asked my professors to help me throughout first semester at Humber.

interacting with other international students
"... interact with other international students..."

I can tell all new international students that they certainly made the right decision in coming to Humber College! Humber College is a perfect place to study and get involved with school activities and make new friends. At Humber College, your new journey will make you feel excited, frustrated and nervous. However, there are lots of fun events and you won’t be short of encouragement from international advisors at Humber who do a great job of making sure international students feel more comfortable.

Keep yourself active by joining clubs and organizations. Last year, I tried to take advantage of the services Humber offers to students such as Humber Gym, WritingCentre, Career Centre, Toastmasters, Library club, HSF volunteer crew, First Year Experience and Humber residence. Different events and clubs at Humber will help you to meet people from different backgrounds and learn about their cultural differences, customs and deepen your perspective.

Keeping Active
"Keep yourself active.."
Don’t hesitate to take actions. Try to understand the world in a deeper sense and don't be shy to follow your heart. Support your friends and encourage each other to learn, experience Canadian cultures and get involved when you have an opportunity to study abroad. If you are just as brave as you were in making the decision to come to Toronto, then everything you experience at Humber College will be a big advantage for you.

Friends encouraging each other
"... encourage each other..."
Good luck!

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