Monday, August 10, 2015

Humber Goes Global: Anthony in Finland & Guatemala

Name: Anthony Nguyen
Year of Study: 3rd

My name is Anthony Nguyen and I'm going into my third year of the Child and Youth Care program. I wanted to go abroad so that I could travel and study at the same time. I had an amazing experience while studying abroad at JAMK University in Jyvaskyla, Finland and I actually decided to take the program a second time. It was interesting to take courses that are not offered at Humber like Creativity Management, Russian Language, and Nordic Business. The program was short and it was awesome to earn two credits in three weeks. 

On the weekends, I did not have school and was able to travel around Europe. I met so many people from around the world and I now have many global friends. Going abroad has definitely changed me as a person. I am more culturally aware and I am also able to do better academically during the school year with less courses. 

This summer I also went on Humber's community development trip to Guatemala. This trip was life changing and was the ideal way to earn field placement hours. The days are jam packed and I was able to work in local communities, and at a school. I was able to make many connections with local students and I learned so much. I learned about genocide and visited many impactful sights in Guatemala. I also watched as an organization weighted and measured children. This organization focused on malnutrition and it was amazing to see their work. Overall, I think that every student should go abroad. 

I will only go to college once so I think it's important to take full advantage of the opportunities that Humber has.

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