Monday, August 17, 2015

Humber Goes Global: Katie in Europe

Between January and February 2015, Katie Csordas completed Humber’s 4th Semester in Europe program, available to students in the School of Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism.

This post contains selections from Katie’s blog: 


After what feels like a decade of projects, lessons, essays and exams I have finally arrived in Strasbourg, France.. Europe’s Capital!  where I will be completing my fourth and final semester of my program Tourism Hospitality Management  - Event Planning.
Being in Strasbourg still feels so surreal as I have been dreaming and  hoping of coming on the Study Abroad Europe trip since my first week of college last year when the opportunity was presented to myself and my classmates by many professors. Since my first week of college it has always been in my mind that I would go on this trip. I told myself I will and well, here I am sitting in Europe typing away on my computer reminiscing  about all of the amazing things and opportunities I have completed so far and my exciting future ahead of me.
Travelling + Event Planning = Dream Job .. I think i’m on the right track here :)  


Well today I ate enough chocolate for any sane person to last a lifetime … my friend and I officially got the title “the candy girls” just a few short weeks ago, but I may officially be candied out. 
A few of us payed a visit to Patisserie Christian, a luxury cafe and chocolatier in our little town of Strasbourg, France. I could smell the sweetness before I turned the corner to find what looked and tasted like the fanciest patisserie in France. We were given passionate lessons (and of course samples) about twenty chocolates from around the world from rich dark chocolate to sweet and milky.
Christophe, a chocolate connaisseur spoke to us about his world and knowledge of chocolates, showing us the true art to creating luxury chocolates. Through his French accent and the classic European hand talking it was clear right away that he is a chocolate genius and a well established entrepreneur. I love the passion that shines through someones voice when they truly love what they do, this isn’t hard to find in hidden gems you may come across if you ever get the chance to explore Europe.


In a few short days it will mark three months since I have been back home in Canada. My last week was spent tearfully saying goodbye to Strasbourg and the Chateau then we took off road tripping through Beaune, Reims, Dijon and the lovely Paris. It was a busy and perfect way to say goodbye to my new love, I call it, Europe :) it just has my heart … 
I constantly and will forever look back on the experience I got studying abroad and how I got to spend many moments of free time in various parts of Europe. It is unbelievable the opportunity I was given. Even though the months I was away flew by and I wish I could have stayed longer, I am grateful for how long I was there for. These opportunities don’t come often for everyone, but if they do.. make sure you grab them, travelling, opportunities, experiences .. they’re oh so good for the soul my friends. 
Coming home from the adventure of a lifetime was bittersweet and strange. Life has not slowed down since i’ve been back and I don’t think it will for a while, but i’m okay with that. Between starting my new event planning job and simply settling back into home life, coming back to the great and the not so great, I find myself reminiscing back to Europe often. 
Each and every time I travel I find myself saying and feeling as if i’m in a different world, on a new earth. I have found it to be a great mind set while travelling. Act as if your in a whole new world, live in those exact new moments and take in every little thing among the way, if it amazes you or not. Be present in your current world no matter where you may be, home or far away. (but make sure you visit Europe– it won’t disappoint) 
Needless to say… 
I can’t wait to return 

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