Wednesday, December 9, 2015

International Education Week 2015 (#HumberIEW)

Humber College has proven once again that I made the right choice studying here! International Education Week is an amazing eventful week organized by the International Centre. During the week, students get a chance to portray their heritage, culture and tradition through creative means.

This year, we started with the Global Lens exhibit: students sent in their photography master pieces, and best entries were accepted for display. I got to help set up the exhibit: I was working with power tools in order to prepare for it! Suffice to say, I finished the job with all my fingers intact.  We had a giant exhibit (with 70+ photos) this year because many entries were that good!

We also had Language Caf├ęs where students got a chance to dip their toes into a foreign language and win cool prizes. This year, international students taught Gujarati, French, and Mandarin to keen language learners! I guess what I am trying to say is that Humber embraces culture and traditions.

In that spirit, we also had a major event where representatives from different countries brought in their traditional food, gifts and their countries’ identity. I was representing Pakistan because that is more or less how I identify myself. We were dressed in traditional clothes; even my friends from Taiwan and India were dressed to support my country! We gave away these really pretty earrings and bracelets to people who answered questions at the event! I applied henna to the curious students who came to explore our booth. The event was a success, even though I almost had a panic attack when my food wasn’t delivered on time.

All in all it was an inspiring experience and I feel like I should change my program to event management! :P

(Working for the Global Lens Exhibit)
Henna (or Mehendi) is a big part of Pakistani culture…

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