Monday, February 8, 2016

The City of Dreams

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When I first landed here in Toronto, oh my my ! the temperature was 2 degrees. For someone who has lived in the 40 degrees of humidity, 2 degrees was too much. It was my first journey outside my home country, first journey away from family and friends and first journey towards a new beginning in life. My heartbeat was faster, I was sweaty, a mixture of feelings that I just can’t express. I was choked while saying goodbye to my parents and my friends at the airport. Even though we all know that technology does keep us connected, but the feeling of not seeing them physically,  consumes you each minute that passes by. A nerve-wrecking experience is all you need to learn valuable life lessons and for me that was moving to Canada. Journey’s like these make you strong, independent, and confident and all the superior adjectives that you could find in the dictionary!
When I received the offer letter from Humber College, I jumped, cried (out of happiness), hugged my parents, I partied with my friends (I am a drama queen, I know right!).  It was a dream come true. 3 weeks out and my  life turned my world upside down. Coming to Canada especially Toronto, studying and building a career here was my dream ever since I was little and that offer letter was just a beginning of my dreams. It’s the city of coffee, bagels, lu lu lemon, moose, baseball, basketball, steakhouse, snow jackets and the most amazing thing people. At first, you might feel a little odd because the culture here is different, but once you blend into this is how you would think “The morning coffee aroma, cool breeze, lovely good morning wishes, chatty subway and buses, Yes! It’s Toronto, The city of dreams”.
If there was one thing I could convey to other International Students out there I would say this…
“I know it’s tough to leave your country, leave your people, but trust me it’s totally worth it. Opportunities like these are available to only few, if you are here you are blessed because you have the opportunity to explore the new culture, people, history, ideologies, scenery, festivals and so much more!”

This article was written by Krupali Shah (International Student Ambassador)

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