Monday, April 11, 2016

Why I chose Humber – by Victor Wang

Victor at the Humber International Center
This story is written by Victor Wang, one of Humber’s international students in the Electromechanical Engineering – Automation and Robotics program.
I grew up in my hometown Xinxiang, Henan in China. I came to Canada in 2012 to study automation and robotics at Humber College. Just two months after I graduated, I was hired and worked for a year.
I decided to come back to school to study one more year of automation and robotics because the third-year experience and final thesis project will help me advance my career. Humber College has the best environment for learning because of its diversity; it really is a great choice if you want to improve your English speaking skills. In the classroom, the professors are helpful and patient when you have questions; don’t be afraid to ask for help.
Outside of class, I participate in different on-campus events and have been working as a student ambassador for the past two years. Both have opened me up to meeting many new people.
As a student ambassador, I have the chance to assist other international students with their transition to Canada. I’ve met many great international students and made many new friends.
I’m really happy that I chose to study at Humber. I believe that to be successful in your academic studies, you have to be really interested in what you’re studying, and I love my program. Your interest will motivate you, enable you to succeed and prepare you for your future working career.
Enjoy your time at Humber!
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