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June 2016 Multifaith Calendar

This article originally appeared in Humber Communique on June 1, 2016

Humber Interfaith Calendar - Multifaith Holy Days & Festivals

In the spirit of diversity and inclusion, we provide the following Multifaith Holy Days & Festivals realizing that it is not exhaustive. Should you wish your faith’s days to be included, please contact the Chaplain at 416.675.6622 x4427 or for due consideration.

01 Wednesday June = National Aboriginal History Month (Aboriginal)
Focuses on the history, heritage and ongoing contributions of the diverse Aboriginal peoples in Canada. Promulgated by Canada’s Parliament in 2009.

Ode’mini Giizis / Miso’o (Aboriginal)
Ode’mini Giizis is also known as Strawberry Moon (Ojibwe). Miso’o is the season of sockeye salmon (Other).

05 Sunday New Moon The moon is at its least visibility. Yom Yerushalayim (Jewish)
Marks the reunification of Jerusalem.

06 Monday Ramadan to July 06 (Islam)
The Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan begins, a month of fasting during which Muslims who are physically able, do not eat or drink from dawn until sunset. Note: By Eastern calculations, Ramadan may be from June 06 to July 06.

09 Thursday Ascension of Jesus (Christianity-Eastern)
Commemorates the ascension of Jesus Christ into Heaven.

12 Sunday Shavuot (Festival/Feast of Weeks) to June 13 (Judaism)
Shavuot, commemorating the giving of the Torah to the Israelites and the completion of God’s purpose to create a special people, is celebrated 2 days in the diaspora and 1 day in Israel and by Reformed Jews and starts at sundown. Weeks is the plural of the Hebrew word for 7 and ends 7 weeks or
50 days (hence Pentecost) after Pesah.

16 Thursday Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Ji (Sikhism)
Arjan, the first Sikh Martyr and fifth Guru, built the Harimandir (Temple of God) for Sikhs to meet for worship in the town of Amritsar (Pool of Nectar). To show the Sikh way as open to all regardless of caste, the temple doors face in all four directions. He contributed and helped compile Sikh Scriptures.

19 Sunday Pentecost (Christianity-Eastern)
Celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit upon Jesus’ disciples after his ascension, 50 days after Easter.
Father’s Day (North America)
A day set aside to honour fathers and fatherhood.

20 Monday Full Moon The moon is at its greatest visibility. June (Summer) Solstice Daylight hours start to grow longer. Litha / Midsummer’s Eve (Wicca)
Litha (Midsummer’s Eve) celebrates the consummation of the sacred marriage as the energy of the God is poured out in the service of life, with his sacrifice resulting in his total immolation by the end of the season as a model and standard of self-giving in service to the Goddess.

21 Tuesday National Aboriginal Day (Aboriginal)
Started in 1996 to celebrate Aboriginal tradition and culture in Canada.

24 Friday Rahmat to July 12 (Baha’i)
Rahmat, meaning Mercy, is the sixth month of the Baha’i year
St. Jean Baptiste Day (Christianity-Catholicism)
John, the Baptist, is celebrated as the patron saint of French Canadian Catholics in Quebec, Canada.

27 Monday Multiculturalism Day (Canada)
Started in November 2002 to celebrate the many cultures, including faiths, within Canada and their contributions to its society.

29 Wednesday Ghambar Maidyoshem to July 03 (Zoroastrianism)
Celebrates the creation of water, the sowing of the summer crop and the harvesting of grain.

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