Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summer 2016 International Student Meet & Greet Events

Summer semester classes are in full swing and Humber students are already dealing with deadlines, assignments, and upcoming exams. But, summer is also a time to enjoy the sun and meet new people…

The International Centre organized two Meet & Greet events to welcome new international students to Humber community. At North Campus, the Meet & Greet was held on Wednesday, May 25, while the Lakeshore event took place on Thursday, May 26. Both events were held outdoors and had a variety of games, music, and free pizza for all participants!

Meet & Greet promotes socialization among international students from different programs and is a great opportunity to make new friends. There were students from India, China, Brazil, Egypt and other countries hanging out together while participating in fun activities. Prizes and swag were given to the students, and the big highlight was a large Canadian flag signed by all the participants!

You can find the best moments on our YouTube channel.

See some pictures of both events on our Facebook page:
North Campus Meet & Greet
Lakeshore Campus Meet & Greet

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