Monday, July 25, 2016

Alumna Success Story: Somya Dixit

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Somya Dixit, one of our alumni; it is a wonderful feeling, listening to amazing stories and seeing the impact a career-focused education can create.

Somya Dixit, a 2015 #HumberGlobal grad
Somya, a 2015 graduate of Humber’s postgraduate certificate in Public Relations (PR), said her reason to come to Canada and study at Humber was to embrace a fresh perspective and strengthen her learning curve as a seasoned PR professional. As she says, in life, we often forget to take a new look at different look at things around us; she got an opportunity and went for it! She was a postgraduate-level student who didn’t want to study just anything; she came across Humber because it was one of the rare places offering such a program. In addition, as she notes, “Humber holds a lot of credibility in the professional world.”

She says that going back to school felt awkward after being a working professional. Going to school was difficult; it was a reverse: boardroom to classroom experience. All the same, she says that her experience working at the McDonald’s corporate office and Edelman eased her transition to Canada and Humber as well. She had clear expectations from the course and its significance for her career path.

During her course, she enjoyed the intensity, the fast-paced nature of the course; it might have caught her off guard but she says it’s exciting with new things to learn every moment, a definite value addition to your skills and qualification.

She advises other international students that they will need extra time when it comes to career guidance, as moving to another country is fun but at the same time challenging. Her advice? “Keep your documentation perfect and follow a proactive approach. Talk to people, get help while taking the right decisions and do something that results into a long time job, hopefully via an internship.”

Somya now works at energiPR in Toronto.

She thanks Humber college for enhancing her skills, while adding this for future Humber grads: “Believe in yourself. It’s about learning. Be proactive in research and network. Do not solely depend on the college. You are absolutely equal to everyone and take that as an advantage. Meet people, talk to people, make mistakes and learn. Be open to conversations.I was excited getting back to work and re-energize my work life. Learn new things, understand a new market and implement different ideas and strategies. I did a thorough research on best PR agencies in Toronto who have a good reputation and clientele and then energiPR happened. I am very fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful organization and work with the most amazing people and do work that matters. It is all about learning new things – I personally dislike mundane lifestyle so working on different projects has helped me evolve as a mature PR professional – Again, life is all about learning and experimenting. Make mistakes but don't repeat them."


  1. Somya, a very good account of your real professional experience. You have the right skills, attitude and leadership qualities. Your experience can be good learning for the fresh students who plan to do the same course at Humber.
    Keep it up & wish you a great future ahead!

    (ashok anand)
    Director General,

  2. An incredible person, making her much deserved fairy tale happening :) Love you loads!