Tuesday, July 26, 2016

#Humber2Algonquin: The Best Humber Trip I've Taken

Why Algonquin Camping Trip is the best trip I had with Humber and why I think you should join too

By Bernadette Vina, International Student Ambassador, Bachelor of Journalism student

Photo by Ed Tse Studio 

Summer of 2015 wasn’t all sunshine for me, It was my first time living on my own. When I was asked to go with Humber to Algonquin, I was a bit hesitant, as much as I love the outdoor; I have never been a fan of camping. Growing up in Indonesia the only outdoor related trips I got to participate was a school retreat they do once in three years.

It took me one google search to convince myself to go, the pictures don’t lie, Algonquin is one of the best thing I have seen with my eyes. In those three days we were not only taught how to canoe, build our own fire, and got to see the most beautiful night sky, there was this sublime atmosphere surrounding us all throughout the whole trip, something I never felt when I’m in the city.

I made friends with everyone on the trip, but aside from just adding more people on my contact list, I learned so much from Amir and our group. The bond we shared on that three day trip was beyond what I expected. I learned to sing my first hindi song and made so many friends that I'm still so much in touch with. This trip has inspired me to get back to nature and it opened my eyes to another side of Canada.

The best experience though was swimming in the lake for the first time, right when I hit the water I felt so lucky to have come there. Just a month after my trip with Humber I decided to venture to another provincial park, but it wasn’t Algonquin, and it wasn’t with Humber. So although the view was as breathtaking, I realized how irreplaceable that first trip was. 

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