Thursday, November 3, 2016

Study Permit

The most important immigration document is your study permit. As an international student you are in Canada as a temporary resident with permission to study. If you have questions about your study permit please consult one of the International Student Advisors. Have you submitted a copy of your study permit to the International Centre (North: LRC 2nd floor; Lakeshore:  Room H100A)? Please do this as soon as possible.

·        Don’t be caught unawares, check the expiration date of your study permit. If you allow your study permit to expire without making an application to extend then you have fallen out of status and are no longer permitted to study until your status has been restored.  For more information visit here.

·        Have you made a copy of your study permit? It’s good to have a backup copy in case you lose your document. Don’t forget to scan a copy of your passport at the same time.

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