Monday, January 30, 2017

Humber's International Development Week Brings in UN Expert and Key Opportunities for Students

Humber's International Development Week Brings in UN Expert and Key Opportunities for Students

The Humber International Development Institute - a new arm of your Humber International Centre - is thrilled to announce that Ravi Karkara, Senior Advisor on Strategic Partnerships and Advocacy to the Assistant Secretary General and Deputy Executive Director UN Women, will be coming to Humber Lakeshore Campus to deliver the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals youth training, offered free to Humber students! This opportunity falls in the middle of a jam-packed schedule and highlight of Humber IDI's amazing programming planned for next week's International Development Week.
With over 20 years of experience, Ravi is an acknowledged expert in various development related fields. He has been driving innovation and advocacy as well as building strategic partnerships in the areas of human rights, participation, inclusion and gender equality, accountability, and social justice.
Ravi is the co-chair of the UN Inter-Agency Network for Youth Development and has built UN Women’s Strategy on youth and gender equality. He developed and led the youth outreach of the UN Secretary General's MyWorld Survey to deliver votes from more than 6 million youth from 193 nations.
If you are unable to attend the training session, make sure to make it out to one of the other panel discussions, the Design Thinking workshop or the gallery expose on all week. 

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Year of the Rooster

Humber College would like to wish all of our students a Happy Lunar New Year!  Be sure to enjoy some of the festivities taking place across the GTA.

Here are some highlights we think you will enjoy:

Dragon City Mall: This event will include fortune telling, traditional dances, and much more! There will be a variety of interactive events with many prizes to be won. The event will be on the weekend so feel to drop by and immerse your self in Chinese culture. You don't want to miss this!

Dragon Ball 2017: Continuing the tradition, the Yee Hong Community Wellness Foundation present the annual benefit gala in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

When: January 28 at 5:45 PM

Where: Allstream Centre, Exhibition Place, 105 Princes' Blvd

Toronto Chinese New Year Ball: Hong Kong-Canada Business Association will be ringing in the Year of the Rooster with a ball that includes traditional lion dancing, games, food and more.

Where: Hilton Suites Markham, 8500 Warden Avenue

When: February 4 at 6 PM

Go here for more ways to celebrate the Year of the Rooster!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Study Permit Essentials - Updated!

Study Permit Essentials
Do you have the proper document to study?
Often students interchange the words ‘visa” and “permit”. A study permit is a paper document, whereas a visa is the counterfoil or sticker affixed inside your passport, which is used for entry into Canada only. If you are enrolled in a program that is six months or more you require a study “permit”.

Did you convert your Letter of Introduction to a study permit when you arrived in Canada?
Prior to coming to Canada your embassy or the visa centre in your home country provided you with a Letter of Introduction to present to the authorities when you entered Canada. Did the officer convert this letter to a study permit? If you did not receive your permit then it is important that you go to the International Centre and speak with an International Student Advisor as soon as possible. Without a study permit you are not eligible to attend school.

Have you checked your study permit to ensure all the information is correct?
If you haven’t already done so please take a moment to check your permit for errors in name, gender or date of birth.

Were you previously studying in Canada?
Does your study permit allow you to study at a “post-secondary” institution, i.e. college or university? Does your study permit authorize you to study at a Designated Learning Institution? If you answered “no” to either of these questions you need to speak to an International Student Advisor as soon as possible as you require a new study permit to pursue your studies at Humber.

What should I do if I transferred from another post-secondary institution?
If you transferred from another post-secondary school then you must inform IRCC as soon as possible. For instructions on how to notify IRCC click here

Do I need to apply for a new study permit if I changed schools or program?
No. You are not required to apply for a new permit if you changed from another DLI or did a program change within Humber.

Have you uploaded your study permit to your MyHumber account?
If you recently arrived in Canada, or if you are a returning student who extended their study permit please upload your study permit via your MyHumber account. You can find instructions here

When should I apply to extend my study permit?
If your study permit was not written for the duration of your study permit plus an additional 90 days you should extend it. We recommend that you apply to extend your study permit three months prior to the expiry date. For information on how to extend go to this page

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Braving the Canadian Cold

You have the toque, you’ve bundled up and braved the December cold snaps - and may have even started to think the worst is over - but my friends, there are still many months of Canadian weather ahead! 

To keep you motivated to get out there and experience (and maybe even revel in?!) Canada’s infamous season, here are some tips to help get you through the remainder of the Canadian winter, in style:

1.  Don’t hide out – make it an adventure! Don’t be afraid to venture out on day trips and experience what makes Toronto and Canada great:

a.   Experience a Toronto Maple Leafs or Marlees hockey game, practice, or try out skating of your own! Check local arena schedules for skate rentals public skate times, or other hockey-related events at facilities such as the Mastercard Centre for Hockey Excellence.

b.   Hit up a local ski hill – the International Centre trips make this an affordable experience (see January calendar blog postor check out one of several other hills right here in the GTA!

c.   If the arts are more your scene, bundle up and take a stroll to check out the fantastic Winter Stations design installations on the beaches of East Toronto. Although it’s alright to spend some cold winter nights bundled up at home with some Canadian hot chocolate, try not to make a habit of it!  

2. Did you sleep in and might be late for class on a frigid day? Do make a habit of keeping your hats, mitts and scarf near (but NOT touching) a heating vent, or quickly toss them in the clothes dryer for have a quick and cozy way to warm up on sleepy, snowy mornings.

3. Layers. Wear multiple thin layers of clothing versus throwing on one thick sweater. This allows you to adjust during fluctuating temperatures and ensures you are comfortable at all times. And not only does it have clear functional benefits, but it can also be fashionable! What are you waiting for? Get layering!  

4. Keep a towel at the front door. This is a simple hack, but when you come home covered in snow, it will allow you to keep all the water and salt from the sidewalks at your front door.

5. Get out of here! If you’ve given it your best but still yearn for a break from the cold, make like many Canadians and take advantage of deals on winter getaways to             popular warm destinations such as the southern US, Cuba, Mexico and the Caribbean. There are a variety of hot locations you can fly to for a reasonable price, so take advantage of our proximity and your reading week – just make sure to do your research and talk to an International Student Advisor to find out what kind of travel documentation and insurance you require to get there and back - safely!

Test out these tips to make staying in the Canadian cold more comfortable and exciting – and the season will be over before you know it!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January Student Services Schedule

January 4, 2107 - It's a new year and we have a calendar of fresh new events for you to get involved with to keep you warm and busy in January! Whether you're looking to get informed, make new social connections, take advantage of January shopping sales, get the latest on co-op work term updates or all of the above - International Student Services has you covered.

Kicking things off this Friday is Winter Orientation for newly arrived students. Registration is still open - don't miss this fun and informative start to your studies at Humber!