Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Braving the Canadian Cold

You have the toque, you’ve bundled up and braved the December cold snaps - and may have even started to think the worst is over - but my friends, there are still many months of Canadian weather ahead! 

To keep you motivated to get out there and experience (and maybe even revel in?!) Canada’s infamous season, here are some tips to help get you through the remainder of the Canadian winter, in style:

1.  Don’t hide out – make it an adventure! Don’t be afraid to venture out on day trips and experience what makes Toronto and Canada great:

a.   Experience a Toronto Maple Leafs or Marlees hockey game, practice, or try out skating of your own! Check local arena schedules for skate rentals public skate times, or other hockey-related events at facilities such as the Mastercard Centre for Hockey Excellence.

b.   Hit up a local ski hill – the International Centre trips make this an affordable experience (see January calendar blog postor check out one of several other hills right here in the GTA!

c.   If the arts are more your scene, bundle up and take a stroll to check out the fantastic Winter Stations design installations on the beaches of East Toronto. Although it’s alright to spend some cold winter nights bundled up at home with some Canadian hot chocolate, try not to make a habit of it!  

2. Did you sleep in and might be late for class on a frigid day? Do make a habit of keeping your hats, mitts and scarf near (but NOT touching) a heating vent, or quickly toss them in the clothes dryer for have a quick and cozy way to warm up on sleepy, snowy mornings.

3. Layers. Wear multiple thin layers of clothing versus throwing on one thick sweater. This allows you to adjust during fluctuating temperatures and ensures you are comfortable at all times. And not only does it have clear functional benefits, but it can also be fashionable! What are you waiting for? Get layering!  

4. Keep a towel at the front door. This is a simple hack, but when you come home covered in snow, it will allow you to keep all the water and salt from the sidewalks at your front door.

5. Get out of here! If you’ve given it your best but still yearn for a break from the cold, make like many Canadians and take advantage of deals on winter getaways to             popular warm destinations such as the southern US, Cuba, Mexico and the Caribbean. There are a variety of hot locations you can fly to for a reasonable price, so take advantage of our proximity and your reading week – just make sure to do your research and talk to an International Student Advisor to find out what kind of travel documentation and insurance you require to get there and back - safely!

Test out these tips to make staying in the Canadian cold more comfortable and exciting – and the season will be over before you know it!

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