Friday, February 17, 2017

International Development Week 2017

Last week Humber celebrated International Development Week 2017, a cross-Canada initiative in conjunction with the Government of Canada, with celebrations and outstanding programming put on by the Humber International Development Institute.

Though a gallery display in partnership with Save the Children will continue to run at North Campus until the end of February, the unanimous highlight of last week’s celebrations was a certified training, offered free of charge to approximately 200 Humber students and community members on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, given in part by Ravi Karkara. Mr. Kakara, Senior Strategic Partnership Adviser to the UN, Assistant Secretary General on UN Women and Co-chair of the UN Interagency Network on Youth Development engaged the crowd as he not only brought attention to the 17 SDG’s and their universal appeal, focused on the importance of the role youth must take in helping achieve this goals by 2030.

Throughout the afternoon session, Mr. Karkara also made clear connections of the interdependence of the goals, as well as that awareness and work towards sustainability is an ongoing, daily affair. Referring to SDG12, he proclaimed, "Every time you spend your one Canadian dollar, you vote on responsible consumption & production”.

The importance of youth in achieving the SDGs was echoed by co-trainer and speaker, Mr. Steve S. J. Lee, climate change activist, policy advocate for the UN, and also the Executive director for the 3% project, a youth-initiated project, led by youth, for youth: “We must engage our friends. Youth have amazing power to engage youth better than anyone. Talk about it. Get others on board.”
See the video about the 3% project! To paraphrase Steve and the other engaging trainers from the day, get informed, then reach out, and get active:

Also sharing their knowledge and recent on work on various SDGs was Humber International Development post-graduate alumna Laveza Khan, Campaign Assistant, Engineers Without Borders Canada and Nadia Guerch Livelihoods, Innovation and Environmental Sustainability Lead at Eqwib Hubs; whom each inspired students with their recent and relevant work on the global sustainability front. Laveza also contributed sharing about gender equality and equal access to education.
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