Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Do you have #PermanentResidencyGoals?

Planning to Stay in Canada after Graduation? Do you have #PermanentResidencyGoals?

Many students wish to remain in Canada after completing their studies. Did you know that at Humber we have highly qualified staff on both campuses to help guide you in this process?
Matthew MacDonald, known for hosting International Orientation (Lakeshore Campus) and Dalyce Newby (North Campus), known for planning Holiday and Graduation Dinner celebrations, are, in addition to their roles as International Student Advisors, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC).

Based on his experience and expertise in this area, Matthew has been selected to present a webinar this Friday, March 10th, on behalf of the Canadian Bureau of International Education. The goal of the webinar will be sharing current updates to the Express Entry program and on how best to support and guide international students to be successful in their quest to acquire Canadian permanent residency. 

The webinar is focused on training other RCIC or legal immigration professionals; however Matthew wants to reach students and professionals with his message to help you understand a little more about the importance of the changes in regulation made in 2016:

As an RCIC supporting Humber’s international students, I was keen to learn about the much-anticipated changes to Express Entry that were revealed in November 2016. I was particularly fortunate to be able to attend the announcement made by John McCallum, former Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, in Ottawa. Since November I’ve talked to several Humber grads who have received an invitation to apply for permanent residency, news which always makes my day! This webinar is an opportunity to take a closer look at how these recent changes make graduates of Canadian post-secondary programs more competitive for Express Entry, and to reinforce the importance of colleges and universities in supporting international students in their transition into skilled work after graduation.

Matthew shared a last tip for Humber students - ensuring your immigration research results in reliable, quality information. Either you are hiring a person to assist you, or doing research on your own, and that the CIC website is your primary tool to get informed.

Immigration professionals can still register to the CIBE webinar here, and Humber International students can schedule a one-on-one appointment with Matthew at the Lakeshore Campus by clicking here.

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