Friday, March 17, 2017

Canada is Waiting for You!

Humber is deeply engaged in the idea of our globalized world, an increasing number of students from across the globe want come to Canada to upgrade their education and career experience. For over 40 university students from Mexico, this dream is one step closer, thanks to a recent collaboration between Humber and ULinks, which resulted in a group visit to Humber this week.

ULinks is a Mexican educational and economic development organization which actively promotes and organizes Mexican university students to go abroad during their studies to experience the development and innovation happening in other economies and cultures as a means to widen the worldview and understanding of the global economy and its needs to students.

Find more information about this innovative initiative in their official video.

The Humber visit started with a presentation by the Oriana Barros and Rebecca Fitzgerald from the International Centre, followed by Jennifer Wilson-Lee from The Business School, each whom spoke to the value of international education, encouraging them to contextualize the meaning of their experience in Canada, as well as some of the opportunities available to them at Humber.

        The group toured the Lakeshore Campus’s Centre for Entrepreneurship, visited the International Centre, the Simulation Stock Exchange and Art Gallery via the Lakeshore Historical Tunnels, before heading downtown for a visit of the CN Tower and other Toronto landmarks. 

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