Monday, April 3, 2017

Hired Before Graduation! Hard Work Results in the Student Dream for Multimedia Design & Development Student

Changhee Han is a typical Humber international student. Like many of us, she came here with a dream of becoming a professional in her craft, knowing that if she worked hard in class and networked with her professors and peers, she would have the opportunity to gain professional Canadian experience in her field. What makes Changhee’s story unique is that she has recently impressed her faculty and a future employer enough to land a work placement at Innocean, the global in-house ad agency for Hyundai and Kia. This placement was earned through her combination of language skills, knowledge and networking abilities, and will satisfy her program’s coop requirements. And better, as this agency hires very few students for placement, based on her recent performance on the job, this opportunity has been offered to her in advance to become full time employment upon graduation!

Changhee studied computer engineering back in Korea, and thus was no stranger to the world of technolog. Humber was her immediate destination of choice for improving her skills, enrolling in the unique two year program Multimedia Design and Development, which is currently only offered at Humber.

The MD&D program offers learning from both design and development angles, and according to Changhee the program starts from the basics and gives a broad understanding of various aspects of the field and feels she’s been given all the required tools for starting immediately upon graduation, in either field of design or development. The program is in line with the most recent technology, which is what has made her feel so prepared to enter the very competitive technology employment market.

She also shared with us her perspective toward how the program can be very helpful in helping students decide which particular field of employment they want to pursue, by approaching both design and development in a broad way. Also given the program doesn't require a portfolio as an application requirement makes the program accessible to everyone that wants to get into the field, even without previous experience in the area. After all, she argues, Not having a portfolio doesn’t mean you are not creative!”

And not only the program is designed to maximize students potential, but as Changhee find out herself, investing in your education with full commitment has its perks; Chaghee was offered this amazing opportunity thanks to a combination of her own effort in her school work, as well as taking time to network with her instructors, including George Paravantes, who she gave much credit.

Pro Tip!

Changhee has some tips for students who wants to come to Humber and study Multimedia Design and Development: She shared that while volunteering at open houses at Humber for her program, the most common question she was asked was “ Should I study coding before coming to Humber?” and she said:

If you have a chance yes! Search for online resources. (ex: YouTube,
Coding is a big challenge, even the instructors take the course step-by-step.”

Hope you guys feel inspired by Changhee’s story and never stop pursuing your professional dreams. Like with Changhee, Humber is here to support you in your learning and career development every step of the way!

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