Friday, March 23, 2018

Attention Students - Important Policy Change on Off-Campus Working legislation

The eligibility requirements to work off-campus remain the same

Based on recent questions a few key points need to be reiterated:
  • ·         Students must hold a valid study permit which authorizes off-campus work
  • ·         Maintain full-time student status for the duration of your program; if you drop to part-time at any time during a regular academic semester (with the exception of your very last semester) you are no longer eligible to work off-campus; for, example, as soon as you drop to part-time, including mid-way through a semester you must stop working
  • ·         The maximum number of work hours is 20 hours/week when studying; this number is not negotiable
  • ·         The ability to work off-campus stated on a study permit does not eliminate the need to apply for the coop work permit if there is a mandatory work placement/internship in your program

Effective March 12, 2018 the following changes were made to the off-campus work policy:

  1.  Taking courses during a regularly scheduled break. Students are now eligible to carry a full- or part-time course load during their regular scheduled break and work off-campus full-time. Please note: not all Humber programs have a scheduled break. If a student opts to take a leave from their studies, and, it is not scheduled as per Humber guidelines, they are not authorized to work on or off-campus during that break. If uncertain as to if, or when you can take a scheduled break please meet with an International Student Advisor at your campus.
  2. Students who have completed a program and are waiting to start another program are now eligible to work. This change is applicable to students who:

a)      continue to meet the off-campus eligibility requirements
b)      have received written confirmation that they has successfully completed their program, i.e., confirmation of graduation letter or final transcript
c)      still possess a valid study permit or have applied for an extension
d)      have an offer letter to a new program that starts within 150 calendar days of the confirmation of graduation from current studies

In the case where the next program starts more than 150 days from notification of completion of studies (e.g. complete studies in April 2018 and next program does not start until January 2019).
a)      Student can only work for the first 150 consecutive days from date of written confirmation of completion
b)      After the 150 days the student should either leave Canada or apply to change their status to example a visitor

       3.  Students who have not apply for a new program or who have not applied for a post-graduation work permit. Students, may work part-time off campus if:

a)      Continue to meet eligibility requirements
b)      Have not received written confirmation of completion of studies
c)      Have not  applied for a work permit  or study permit extension for a new program

HOWEVER, students are authorized to work only until written confirmation of graduation is available. Once confirmation of graduation is available students are no longer authorized to work in Canada. Students can resume work, once they have applied for a post-graduation work permit while they await a decision.

For a full review of the updated off-campus work program, please click here

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