Thursday, September 6, 2018

New Students - How To Get Ahead

Welcome to Humber College! 

It’s going to be an exciting journey that will guide you towards your career. The work you put in will make a significant difference in your achievements both in the educational and professional world. It’s never too early to get ahead and make yourself shine above the rest. 

Here are 3 tips to help you get ahead in your program: 
1) Join LinkedIn  
2) Self-development outside of the classroom  
3) Proper self-care 


You might think that joining LinkedIn as a new student is too early. However, to receive volunteer opportunities and job prospects, you need to gain a solid professional network. After completing your profile go to the ‘my network’ section import your contacts and invite classmates and relevant industry professionals that you aspire to learn from to be part of your new professional network 

Benefits of LinkedIn: 
  • Influencers' Articles- It is a great resource to understand what influencers' are saying about current trends and professional development. Many influencers post relevant content on a regular basis. Follow their profile or company page to stay up-to-date. Here is an example of what Daymond John (CEO of FUBU and TV personality from Shark Tank) has wrote: What Every Entrepreneur Must Know To Succeed In Business
  • Recruiters- When you have created a solid foundation of experience and networking you can change your settings to let recruiters find you for job opportunities.  
  • To get help with your LinkedIn profile and have your resume looked over, visit the career services page to book your appointment 


Learning outside the classroom will become an important life skill. To start off at a manageable pace, keep a list.

What to put on your list: 
  • Workshops you want to attend- The Humber workshops go over skills training that is valuable for your time spent at Humber and applicable to the professional world. More information on workshops can be found here:
  • 3 things in your field that you want to learn more about each week - Take the time to research this topic through It is a free resource offered by Humber College . The courses are videos that can be watched on your commute and after completion, you receive a certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.  


Many of us get caught up with the amount of work in front of us.  However, most don’t realize that successful people incorporate self-care into their routine. Without proper rest, you will not be as productive or successful.  

Life Hacker article indicates why self-care is crucial: 
  • Reduces side effects of stress 
  • Gets you properly re-focused on your tasks 
  • Prevents you from burning out 

When you are stressed out, unfocused, and burnt out you can’t accomplish the tasks at hand to the best of your ability. Self-care looks different for everyone. Ensure you are taking the time for proper rest and self-care that is beneficial for your success. 

Self-Care Ideas: 
1) Take some time to be around nature by visiting the Humber Arboretum in the Fall and Spring time 
2) Do you need support? Is talking the best way for you to manage your self-care? The student wellness and accessibility centre is for you: 
3)Get more active! Try out some new classes offered at the fitness centre including: yogazumba and cardio boxing. For more information visit: 

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