Friday, September 28, 2018

Ontario Experiences

When people think about Canada, the iconic CN Tower of Toronto first comes to mind.  What else does Toronto, Ontario and surrounding areas have to offer?  Read on about 5 Ontario experiences you must try!

1) Eat Poutine - The iconic food to try is poutine!
(Picture from
 What is poutine? Fries with cheese curds topped 
with gravy (yes, it's that simple and quite delicious). 
It originated in the 1950s in Quebec and has made
 its way to Ontario. Four restaurants claimed the
 invention of this dish but it is unclear who was 
the first one to create it. Since then has become a
 go-to food for Canadians and has its own festivals 
during the summer. There are places you can find
 in Toronto that also serve vegan and vegetarian 

2)  Algonquin Park - Since becoming an official park in 1893, it is one of the most iconic provincial parks that people come visit between the spring and fall. They have many outdoor activities including canoeing, swimming, and wildlife watching for day tripsIf you want a weekend getaway, you can rent a 
cottage or cabin. Moose and beavers should be on 
your radar! 

3) Cherry Blossoms at High Park - During the spring time, make sure to check out the beautiful cherry blossoms (Sakuras in Japanese). This tradition dates back to 1959, when the Japanese ambassador Toru-Hagiwara gave 2000 Sakuras as a gift for Toronto's support of refugees after World War Two. The "Sakura Project" was born and since then, cherry blossoms bloom every spring at High Park
Get Instagram photo ready because this place is great for
 taking Insta glam selfies.

4) Visiting a Pumpkin Farm - Fall in Ontario is a great time to explore the pumpkin farms before winter comes along. Downey's Farm runs their Pumpkinfest for the fall until October 31.  Not only will you see tons of pumpkins, but you can eat delicious homemade food, go on a wagon ride, and pet farm animals. Before you leave, purchase a pumpkin and you will be to create a scary jack-o'-lantern in time for Halloween! 

5) Skating at Nathan Phillips Square -  Skating in Canada dates back to 1604 by the Iroquois tribe. It is an iconic Canadian winter sport so much so that many people believe it is our national sport. Brace yourself, winter is coming, and skating will be a great way to experience this magical season! 

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