Thursday, September 20, 2018

Studying Abroad: A Life-Changing Experience

Imagine studying abroad for a semester while growing your cross-cultural communication skills and having fun adventures exploring new lands.  By going on global exchange at Humber College, you can have a college experience that will give you a unique skill set and knowledge that not many people get to have. It will make your resume stand out and impress future employers.

Semester Exchange at Humber College allows you to go abroad for a semester to have a unique educational experience in another academic institution. You gain a new perspective in what you’ve been learning and cultural diversity.

Going abroad allows you to:
1) Challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone
2) Learn and develop who you are
3) Gain an international perspective on your specific educational subject
4) Make lifelong memories and network abroad
5) Have fun and experience a new culture

Alykhan Hajee, a current Humber College student, who went on an exchange to Parul University in Vadodara, India, said, “My trip abroad proved to me that outside of our small bubbles that we are enclosed in, there are far greater experiences to live through and journeys to embark on.” To read more about his experience, click here:

There is a bursary available for those who demonstrate financial need and you may be eligible of getting an academic credit.To learn more about global opportunities please visit:

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