Friday, October 19, 2018

Emma Patten - Exchange Experience

Emma Patten
"Going on exchange has impacted my life because I can say I am the first person in my family to study in a different county."

When I was considering postsecondary institutions, I was looking for one that could potentially allow me to study abroad. Once the opportunity to go abroad came up, my friends and family encouraged me to take the big step and go for it! 

I went on exchange to New Zealand for bio culturalism and sustainability in nature. It was different experiencing the Southern hemisphere by having winter when it was summer back home. What interested me the most about going there was to learn about the aboriginal people. Being native myself it made me more interested to learn about the Maori people and compare their history and story to ours. We took trips to visit Maori families and it was great being able to learn about their culture with them over dinnerGoing on this trip was out of my comfort zone. 

I gained a good connection with my professors and peers. Having the same professors every day for 4 weeks, you get to see the real person. The professors I had, helped me change for the better. In class it was about being open and being comfortable enough to be able to ask more questions without any judgement. With my peers I was able to gain a strong bond with them by having the time to not only study together but be able to get to know each other in a short period of time.  
Going on exchange has impacted my life because I can say I am the first person in my family to study in a different county. I am grateful for the connections I made and friendships from all over the world. 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Lechelle Williams - Bachelor of Commerce Student

My program is teaching me valuable knowledge of the business side of the healthcare industry which is a rapidly growing sector.

Lechelle Williams

 Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce - Healthcare Management 
Nationality: Vincentian

Humber College was the only option I considered for postsecondary education because it is one of the most prestigious colleges in Canada. The programs they have are geared towards the success of all its students. I found the International Centre and its staff helped me and others solve any issues or questions we had. My program is teaching me valuable knowledge of the business side of the healthcare industry which is a rapidly growing sector. To ensure my success in my studies, I always ask questions. Whether it is emailing my professor or clarifying something in person with them, it’s the best way to learn!  

An international education and living in Toronto has given me an unforgettable experience. I have met people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Networking and getting involved ensures your success. The college provides a lot of networking events for international students. Joining the student orientation team and becoming an FYE (First Year Experience) peer mentor has allowed me to meet amazing people and help other students adjust to college life 

My advice to prospective students is to come to Humber! Life begins at the end of your comfort zone and attending a college with well-known academic excellence is an experience of a lifetime. 

Friday, October 12, 2018

Preparing for Mid-terms

Studying for mid-terms can be overwhelming. There are so many deadlines and it can feel unmanageable. Have no fear, the Humber Global team is here to help you prepare for them and to ease you through the process. Remember, it’s always the first step that’s the hardest. Here are 5 ways to prepare for mid-terms.

1) Organize a to-do list and make a schedule - The key to successful studies is in how you organize your time. There’s a free online revision calendar, that helps you plan a realistic calendar around your commitments and class time. The most important idea to consider while creating your schedule, is to be realistic with how much time it takes for you to complete your tasks. Allocating too much in one day or too little will not help you.

2Reduce your distractions - Tempted to check Facebook or add your latest photos to Instagram? The Freedom application will block your social media for a specific amount of time. Your temptation is gone, and you can use your social media time as a reward for all your hard work. 

3) Work outside your hom- Our environment plays a part in productivity. Working in a space that is outside your house will help your productivity sky rocket The reason your home isn’t your best options is because our mind connects home with comfort and sleep. As an introvert or extrovert, you will either want a quiet space strictly for you or want a space filled with a lot of people.  If you’re unsure where you stand in a quiet or loud environment for studying, take this test and it will accurately tell you where you are on that scale and help you decide what type of space works best for you.

4) Break reminders - Making time for breaks is crucial. Sometimes we get in the zone with studying and forget how to take that time to rest our eyes. Install an application on your computer or phone for a break reminder. This way you can time your breaks properly. Put your books down, go for a walk, and make sure to make time to socialize.

5) Snacking is beneficial  Eating specific foods that are considered “brain foods” like pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, broccoli or oranges will boost your memory and increase serotonin (a chemical that boosts happiness). This small life hack will increase your possibility of absorbing information better and after eating a full meal, snacking on dark chocolate sounds like a fun way to study!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Bárbara d'Oro- Alumni Success Story

Graduating from Humber was an asset not only in making me feel like a complete professional, but in advancing my educational path.  

Bárbara d'Oro

Broadcast Television/ Videography Diploma 
Enrollment: 2008-2010 
Nationality: Brazilian 

After my initial visit to Humber College and speaking to the coordinator of the broadcast television/ videography program, I was impressed by the quality of equipment and value towards prospective students. I received my diploma in broadcast television/videography in 2010. Adjusting to Canadian life included making friends and that allowed me to feel more comfortable and learn about cultural differences. After graduating from Humber, I worked for Omni TV as a reporter and as a researcher for CTV television. Graduating from Humber was an asset not only in making me feel like a complete professional but in advancing my educational path. I was accepted into one of the most competitive schools in Canada to pursue my master's degree in journalism. My professors taught me the value of punctuality. In my industry each second costs money. Future Humber students should know that time will go by very fast! Enjoy your time at Humber and use all the great services the college has to offer. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Hidden Gems of Toronto

The secret to gaining great experiences in a city is by discovering its unique eateries, stores, and art. We’ve made it an easy starting point by sharing 4 places to check out. Your Instagram feed will go viral from photos captured at these places so make sure your practice your selfie game to get it on-point before going.

Nitrogen Ice Cream Have you tried too many ice cream flavours and are over it? To revive your love for ice cream, you must try nitrogen ice cream- located at Bathurst and Queen St. They mix the flavour with nitrogen in a blender and if you get marshmallows topped with yours, they burn the tops to have enough taste like delicious camp fire marshmallows.  Your ice cream is made on site so make sure you film your delicious creation before the nitrogen dissolves.

Photo from

Graffiti Alley - Hidden in the fashion district, Graffiti Alley was created in 2000 where graffiti artists were granted a day to create their art along walls, alleyways, and behind stores. It will take you around half a day to walk around and discover all the art as it goes all the way to Portland St. Get your cell phone charged for a day full of pictures! 

Coffee Lovers Unite! - If you’re looking for a great study spot and/or you want to become a coffee connoisseur, Merchants of Green Coffee is the best of both worlds. It is the only place where you can attend a coffee education course. Learn where coffee came from and how to roast the perfect cup of coffee at home or go spend the day there tackling your assignments and studying for your mid-term exams.

Historical Park - For history buffs, there is a park hidden near the waterfront on Bathurst and Queens Quay West, dedicated to the Irish people who lived in Canada by the Ireland Park Foundation. The park is commemorating those who suffered during the famine but to highlight those who made it to live here. Discover its rich history on a fall day. Make sure to bring a scarf as it gets a bit chilly by the water.  

Games, Games, and More Games - The Rec Room- Right by the CN Tower, The Rec Room is a great place to unwind with friends. If you’re into VR or video games, this is the place to be! They also have a variety of arcade games and a restaurant to grab dinner with your friends. You can also earn Scene points towards future free movies. Collecting points and having fun, how awesome is that!?

If you need to take a step back and discover more of the common places around Toronto, our ambassadors have you covered: