Friday, October 5, 2018

Canadian Thanksgiving - History & Meaning

Not many of us know the history or symbolism of Canadian Thanksgiving, and that is because it is overshadowed and confused with our neighbour, the American Thanksgiving. Here are some facts about Canadian Thanksgiving’s history, meaning behind the holiday, and how it became official: 
1) It started in 1578, when explorer Martin Frobisher used the meal and gathering as a way to give thanks for a safe arrival. 
3) Its religious history dates back to around 1859, where protestants were fighting for it to be a religious day.  Charles Darwin says the meaning behind it was that, “[Thanksgiving] was a solemn, holy day in the middle of the week when people would go to church and thank God for how fortunate they are to be Canadian.” 
3) In 1879 it became a government holiday but without an official designated date because it would sometimes occur in various months and coincide with other holidays or events.  
4) Because it wasn’t a feasible option for it to occur erratically in different months, it became an official Canadian holiday in 1957, which would happen every second Monday of October each year.  
If you’re interested in knowing the differences between American and Canadian Thanksgiving, watch here. 
Things to do over the Thanksgiving weekend: 

The tradition behind Thanksgiving is to have stuffed turkey gathered by friends and family. However, there are plenty of things to do this long weekend if you’re not looking to devour an entire turkey. Go to a Casa Loma Thanksgiving brunch, check out beautiful fall scenery, or go apple picking

Even though the holiday has different historical reasoning behind it, there is one common element which is the purpose of giving gratitudeIt’s a time to reflect and recognize all the things to be thankful for.  

We hope you all have a meaningful and happy Thanksgiving!

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