Thursday, October 4, 2018

Student Success Story- Karan Narula

“By being involved as an ambassador it gave me the opportunity to connect with people of other cultures, help other international students in every possible way, and implement what I’ve been learning.”

Karan Narula

Media Communications Diploma  
Enrollment: 2017- Present

I enrolled at Humber College to pursue a diploma in a field related to photography, videography, and media communications. I chose Humber because it incorporated all of these subjects into one program. My role as an international student ambassador is to create content and videos about student life on campus, on processes on how to apply, and on sights and things to do around Toronto. When searching for footage, I get a lot of inspiration from various Toronto locations. My main goal when creating these videos is for the content to be relatable and valuable for international students and for them be able to know what to expect when they are coming to study at Humber College. These videos are intended to make their transition to life in Canada easier. This role has given me the opportunity to connect with a diverse group of people, to help other international students in every possible way, and to have real life opportunities to use the coursework that is taught in the classroom. The best way to get involved at Humber is by attending Humber events on and off campus. Humber organizes a lot of these events on campus and I was able to find them by staying up-to-date on their social media platforms. The piece of advice that I have for Humber students is to “brace yourself for the ride as it will be a challenging, but fun, journey.”

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