Tuesday, October 2, 2018

What is The Best Academic Pathway for You?

With a variety of academic pathway options at Humber College, narrowing  down the best certification for you is necessary prior to application or if you are considering transferring into a new one. Consider the following questions: 

1) What are my passions and skills?  For example: am passionate about music and I am great at video editing on Adobe Premiere.  

2) What educational pathway would be valuable in the Canadian job market and desired industry? For example: A Diploma in Multimedia Design and Development incorporates video and sound editing, as well as mobile interface design which is necessary in the technology industry where everything is mobile.  

3) What is the best program that fits my academic goals and time commitment? For example: I can commit to 4 years and I want to pursue a bachelor’s degree to get my master’s degree in the future. 

New Certification or An Additional Certification and Career Focused: 
If you’re looking to jump into the work force for a general education a Diploma  , is your best option. If you want to receive a specified certification, an Advanced Diploma can get you there. These certifications are for those who have completed secondary education or a prior diploma or degree.  
Length: Typically 4-6 semesters 
Prepares you for: Entry-level positions to advanced level positions. 

Academic and Career Focused: 
If you’re looking to be able to build a career and have the option of furthering your postsecondary education, a Degree can give you the best of both worlds. These certifications are for those who have completed secondary or postsecondary education.  
Length: Typically 8 semesters 
Prepares you for: A balance of academic and practical knowledge of your field, long term career preparation, and further academic growth. 

Prior Academic Degree: 
If you have already completed your bachelor’s degree from another country and want to join the work force quicker and/or have the option to pursue further postsecondary education, an Ontario Graduate Certificate: is the bridge between advancing you in your career and academic growth. 
Length: Typically 2-4 semesters  
Prepares you for: Entry-level positions, Intermediate level positions, and further academic growth. 

Looking to Transfer: 
If you're looking to transfer from a diploma certification to a degree, you do have options. It’s important to know your deadlines and how to transfer

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